About Me

Kim PerryHi, my name is Kim and I’m a web developer, WordPress extraordinaire, project manager, and overall geek. I live for Science Fiction, learning, and building websites. Oh, and coffee!

I started designing print layouts before graduating college for a university, then moved on to web design and web development. Understanding how users behave on a web page is critical to generating higher conversion rates and increase organic traffic. It’s fun to build websites that millions of unique visitors interact with while building brand trust. The past four years have been leading off shore development teams building internal applications.

My Specialties

CSS3, HTML5, angular.js, corporate blog management, corporate WordPress management, cross-browser development, e-commerce, e-mail campaign creation, GIT, Google Analytics, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, LAMP stack, Marketo, mobile development, MySQL, PHP, responsive web design, SEO, SVN, W3C validation and accessibility, WordPress plugin development, WordPress theme development, XML, Scrum, DevOps, Project management

My complete resume and recommendations are available on LinkedIn.